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The wine of the Château Guiteronde is produced through a very traditional and meticulous process. The combination of the quality of the work performed in this very small vineyard and the entire wine making process is an essential asset for us. The Château Guiteronde is a real vin de garage.

These elegant, golden wines have a remarkable aromatic complexity consisting of a subtle mixture of acacia honey aromas and crystallized apricots, which produces a very unique and delightful flavor.

Even though the quality of our wines increases in as they age, they can also be enjoyed in their earliest stages after processing. In the first stages, these wines have a very fruity aroma and vigorous taste. It is only after several years, sometimes decades, when these wines become a soft, creamy blend with the bouquet that is so particular to their nature.

These wines can be served chilled and make an excellent apéritif. They can also be served with numerous dishes. Contrary to what many say about serving wines with certain types of food, these wines can be served throughout a meal. Beyond the traditional foie gras, our wines can be served with roasted poultry, poultry and other white meats served in a sauce, crudités, salads, cheeses sprinkled with chopped parsley and most desserts.