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The alchemy of the botrytization process does not occur simultaneously in each subdivision or cluster. Wine-harvest operations must then be done by hand, which means that these operations rely entirely on the talent and skill of the grape-pickers who have to sort out each individual grape, selecting only those that have been “roasted” through the “noble decaying” process. This talent requires several successive harvesting procedures that need to be done over a period of several weeks.

The vintage is brought directly to the cellar in order to eliminate any bruising of the grapes. This is where the wine making work begins.

Our old vertically enclosed hydraulic press makes it possible to extract the more concentrated and aromatic juices through a slow pressing method.

The juices are then allowed to settle over night. The film is then removed the next day before retrieving the clear juices. The fermentation process can now begin. Only casks are used in this process.

After the juices are placed in the casks, they are constantly monitored and stored according to the time when the grapes were harvested. Any residue is also removed. This procedure is generally done every three months.