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The estate has a very long history. A section of the present building was used for hunting activities dating back to the Middle Ages. Written references going back to the 18th century indicate that the property was known as the Larroqua Estate. Its first officially recognized owner, Nicolas Guiteronde, Juge des Traites, gave the property its actual name.

Antoine Dutemple, the former Treasurer of Bordeaux, purchased the chateau in 1779. Upon his death, his daughter, Mrs. Paris, inherited the land. She was the mother of Bernard Auguste Journu who became the owner of the property in 1808. The main building and additions were built at the beginning of the 19th century.

After his daughter had an accident on the property, Mr. Journu sold the estate in September 1855 to Pierre Raymond Sarraute. The same family has been in possession of the Château Guiteronde since 1855. It now belongs to Nelly Delerue, the great-granddaughter of Pierre R. Sarraute. Then, in 1941, a section of the vineyard was sold to Georges Bert. It was sold once again in 1965 to the Du Hayot family who still maintains the property under the name of Château Guiteronde Du Hayot.

Joëlle Mauriet, the daughter of the present owner, has two children, Frédéric, an engineer and Nicolas, a physician. In 2004, Nicolas decided to expand vine plantations exploited by the family under the name Château Guiteronde.